Gare Art Festival

Luxembourg Station, exhibition hall in the heart of Luxembourg.


  • Location : Luxembourg Station


  • 89_Projet-Social-culture

With more than 66,000 passengers per working day in 2018, the Central Station at the center of the Luxembourg rail network represents a major meeting place within our society.


In order to support causes of socio-cultural associations and charities within the country, the CFL make this space with an impressive flow of visitors available.

Among regular events is the Gare Art Festival. This event, marks the 19th edition in 2019, is the result of a collaboration between the CFL, the City of Luxembourg and the association Groupe Animation Gare.

Alongside several art workshops open to the public, around the station, this event also ends with the exhibition of works of art created by national and international artists under / in the Verrière of the Central Station.