Park&Ride and Rodange station

Convergence point of the national rail network, Rodange optimises its reception capacities for trains and cars.


  • Start date : 2019
  • End date : 2023
  • Location : Rodange


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The Rodange station is a strategic location of the Luxembourg rail network. The station terminus for trains from line 60, transit railway station line 70, terminus station for freight trains bringing the steel Rodange site, and the freight corridor train transit station called Rail Freight corridor North Sea-Mediterranean.


To meet all these functions, the station's track plan must be adapted to include the construction of an additional track and redevelopment of the switch areas. The requirements for technical specifications for interoperability and accessibility criteria for people with reduced mobility will be met as well as the new requirements for railway safety. In addition, the forecourt of the station, the bus station and parking spaces will be redeveloped in order to make the exchange hub more attractive.
Underground east side: end of work 06/2023
Zone "kiss&go" and access to the footbridge: end of work 06/2023
Bus station: end of word 03/2023

The partial commissioning of the passenger infrastructure took place in April 2023.

The P&R project in Rodange is to create 1600 parking place to meet the short and medium term parking needs of travelers. This car park is built on seven levels and is equipped with two circular ramps allowing in combination with a system of parking marks faster access and exits.

The car park has been open to the public since April 2023.