The extension and modernisation of the CFL fleet

Significant increase in seating capacity with the acquisition of 34 new modern trains.


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To respond to the rapid increase in the number of travelers of over 85 % in the last 15 years, and to continue to modernise their fleet of rolling stock, the CFL ordered 34 new trains of the "Coradia" range on 18th December, 2018. Gradually supplied by Alstom from January 2023, the new trains of the new 2400 and 2450 series, will significantly increase the number of seats available, from more than 27,200 seats in 2018 to 38,591 seats. All trains will be delivered by 2025.

With a length of 80 or 160 meters, the new railcars, consisting of double-decker trains, offer spacious cars, including spaces for people with reduced mobility, as well as bicycle facilities. For added comfort, LED lighting and an on-board Wi-Fi connection are also part of the equipment for the new rolling stock.