Extension of Luxembourg Station

More capacity for the central part of the Luxembourg rail network.


  • Start date : 2018
  • End date : 2024
  • Location : Luxembourg Station


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Luxembourg Station, the center of the Luxembourg railway network, essentially a star configuration, is the starting point, crossing point or terminus for all national and cross-border railway lines. The new long-term time concept foresees an increase of pace on different lines, which will lead to a strong growth of trains in Luxembourg Station.


The extension of the Luxembourg Station is all the more important in the context of the introduction of transversal lines, such as for the Troisvierges - Rodange route. It is essential to increase the capacity of the Luxembourg Station in order to create an appropriate exchange hub.

The key elements of the extension project are the following:

  • the construction of two additional platforms. The four additional tracks increase the reception capacity of the station. The construction of Platforms V and VI will make it possible to connect to the existing platform 11 and reach the new platforms 12, 13 and 14. These new platforms will have a maximum width of 10 meters and a length of 311 meters (platform V) and 253 meters (platform VI) respectively. The new platforms are designed in accordance with the requirements of the technical specification for interoperability for persons with reduced mobility. The south and north underpass will be extended while maintaining the same dimensions and architectural concepts. Start date: 2021
  • ​development of switch zones on both sides of the Luxembourg Station. The creation of fixed routes, reducing the crossings of the different lines, will contribute to an increase in robustness of the schedule. South part: summer 2021; North part: started summer 2022​
  • a new pedestrian bridge that crosses the tracks and connects the Station to the Bonnevoie district will replace the existing bridge and connect it to the pedestrian bridge of the city of Luxembourg on the side of the Bonnevoie bypass. Start date: 09/2022
  • the addition of a second entrance / exit north of the storage and maintenance center. A larger number of trains may be received at the station without crossing trains of the main lines. Completed by the end of 2022

As the end of the extension project is scheduled for 2025, the commissioning of the Luxembourg Station in its new form will be gradual.