Our challenges

To honour its role as the backbone of national public transport, as well as its role as a logistics partner for companies in the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region, our Group faces many challenges. More than 1,000 passenger and freight trains run daily on a star-shaped network and meet the needs of intense cross-border activity.

That's not to mention safety systems and regulations that differ from country to country. The elements that have an impact on passenger and freight activities of our Group are many. Personalised, intermodal and connected transportation is what travelers are looking for today. For its part, the freight business of our Group is not limited to the simple transport of goods, but it covers the entire supply chain, offering tailor-made solutions to our customers. Several challenges therefore, which for us are opportunities to continuously improve.

Meeting the expectations of customers

Compared to the past, mobility and customer expectations have changed considerably. Today's trip is a door-to-door, personalised journey. The freight business, for its part, goes beyond the simple transport of goods and now offers a tailor-made service, capable of covering all the links in the logistics chain. To ensure the satisfaction of its customers and sustain its performance in its various activities in the future, the CFL Group is constantly committed to a continuous improvement approach, focusing, among other things, on the opportunities offered by digitalisation.


Saturated capacities

More and more people rely on the train for their daily commutes. The number of passengers transported by the CFL has grown considerably. Demand has risen by 85% in less than 20 years. A dazzling development that in a the short term has led to bottlenecks in areas of the network infrastructure and rolling stock. A phenomenon that doesn’t just take place in our passenger business, but also our freight business. This situation is aggravated by the star shape of the rail network, all lines converge within the capital of Luxembourg.



Digitalisation - the challenge of digital transition

Big data and digitalisation have ceased to be more than mere trends, and are part of daily life. The integration of technological innovations represents a challenge, on the one hand, but also an opportunity with considerable potential to optimise the user experience of our customers.



International influences

With a little more than 600 km of main roads, the Luxembourg rail network is not one of the biggest in Europe, but still remains very busy. More than 1,000 passenger and freight trains, including many from or to Belgium, Germany and France. The international environment in which the CFL Group operates its passenger business in strongly influences its activities, starting with regulations or safety systems that differ from country to country. With regard to the freight business, the group has been operating in a competitive environment since 2007, not only with respect to other modes of transport but also other players in the railway sector, which is particularly competitive with interconnected international players.



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