Our challenges

As the mobility partner of choice, as well as its role as a logistics partner for companies in the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region, our Group faces many challenges. More than 1,000 passenger and freight trains run daily on a star-shaped network and meet the needs of intense cross-border activity.

Evolving customer expectations

Over time, mobility, as well as customer expectations, have changed considerably. Today's travel is door-to-door and personalised. The freight business, for its part, has gone beyond the simple transport of goods and now offers a tailor-made service, capable of covering all links in the logistics chain. Respect for the environment is becoming a major argument in our customers' choice of transport mode. Taking these expectations into account, the CFL Group is committed to the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions and the responsible use of its resources.


Saturated capacities

More and more people rely on the train for their daily journeys. In less than 20 years, the number of customers travelling by train has increased by 85%. The innovative freight activities of the CFL Group, centred on the multimodal hub in Bettembourg-Dudelange, are also expanding rapidly. In order to respond to the evolution of these growing activities, the modernisation and extension of the rail network are part of the challenges being undertaken by the CFL Group.



Digitalisation and jobs in the midst of transformation

Digitalisation is profoundly changing our working environments and jobs. Although the integration of new technologies and new ways of working requires us to constantly adapt, these new technologies and new ways of working offer us opportunities to continue to improve our service offer to our clients. The integration of new technologies, training and the recruitment of specialised profiles are among the steps taken in this area.



International influences

With just over 271 km of rail tracks, Luxembourg's rail network is not one of the largest in Europe, but it is nevertheless very busy. More than 1,000 passenger and freight trains per day, many of which come from or go to Belgium, Germany and France, run on it. The international environment in which the CFL Group operates for its passenger business strongly influences its activities, starting with regulations or safety systems that differ from country to country. As for the freight activity, the Group has been operating in a competitive market environment since 2007, not only with regard to other modes of transport but also with regard to other players in the rail sector, which is highly competitive with interconnected international players.



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