Our priorities

To reflect the changes in the environments in which our activities take place, our 2021 strategy has been revised. In line with the model established in 2015, the new strategy remains focused on the needs and satisfaction of our customers. As in the previous version, it is based on safety, quality and innovation. In the new strategy, the priority of performance has been replaced by efficiency, which beyond effectiveness also implies the notion of sustainable and responsible management of resources. Added to this is the priority of "WE", which includes the notion of know-how of the previous strategy, but emphasises more the human aspect of a company at the service of its customers. After all, the CFL Group is the sum of its employees and their individual talents, which are essential for the achieving and defining of the CFL Group's objectives, thanks to shared values, among other things (Lean more about our values). 


Safety is our first priority, we must guarantee the safety and health of our employees and customers. Safety is not negotiable, it has to be lived daily and constantly improved.


In everything we do, we aim for an excellent level of quality. All customers, whether they are passengers, freight customers or part of another stakeholder relationship with the CFL Group, deserve a high level of service. Being close to customers is necessary to understand and meet their needs.


To be competitive with other modes of transport, especially road, we need to be efficient. Efficiency includes the notion of performance, but also considers the use of resources. The colour green emphasises the need for responsible use of resources.


Digitalisation and new technologies offer new opportunities for our Group that we must anticipate and seize. Innovating also means daring to do and having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Innovations introduced in recent years

Here is a selection of our innovation-projects that have been introduced in the recent past: 
Mobile CFL apps  (CFL mobile & CFL international)
Flex Carsharing

You can find more information in our annual report.
(page 73 of the Annual Report 2020)

Ongoing initiatives 
You can read more about information in our annual Report.
(Page 74 of the Annual Report 2020)

Every employee is essential to the Group's activities and to providing the services that customers require. Dialogue and common values are the core of all our actions (Read more about our values).


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