De-doubling of the Luxembourg-Sandweiler-Contern station

Reduce congestion at the Luxembourg Station and increase the robustness of the schedule to Germany.


  • Start date : 2012
  • End date : 2019
  • Location : Luxembourg-Sandweiler-Contern


  • 88_Projet-Reseau-gare

The de-doubling project of the Luxembourg - Sandweiler section is part of the MoDu strategy for sustainable mobility. One of the objectives of the MoDu strategy is that, by 2020, 25% of motorised trips in Luxembourg are made by public transport.


Following the second Pulvermühle viaduct, the additional railway line between Luxembourg and Sandweiler will relieve congestion at the northern exit of the Luxembourg station, and in the end smooth the traffic on Line 30 from and to Wasserbillig. The goal is to increase the robustness of the schedule on the Luxembourg - Wasserbillig line.

The two-track section runs from the Pulvermühle viaduct to the Sandweiler-Contern stop and at the end of the Cents district via the Cents-Hamm stop. In this context, the stops Cents-Hamm and Sandweiler-Contern have been rebuilt; the PN56 level crossing at Cents has been removed.

The double track lane was opened for train traffic in April 2019.