Better equipped staff to provide better information to customers.


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With the establishment of Railtab, the CFL equip their staff on board trains with the information they need on a daily basis for their work and to answer customers' questions.

As a mobile application, RAILtab is an information and communication system that allows CFL staff to consult a multitude of data about the management and daily operation of the network, on a single device.


Delays, deletions, platform changes, RAILtab reports traffic in real time, through data taken from the ARAMIS program. Users of RAILtab, each equipped with a tablet or smartphone, from the 1st May, 2019, is informed immediately of any ongoing disruption on the domestic and cross-border network. They are able to relay this information directly to travelers. The CFL mobile application is also integrated into RAILtab, to guarantee a flawless service.

At the same time, RAILtab brings together a large amount of working material for CFL's rolling stock. Thus, worksheets, service schedules, holidays and other working documents are integrated into the application, which enables its users, via a messaging function, to communicate with each other to, for example, report any anomalies found.