Park&Ride and Wasserbillig station

Even more attractive public transport thanks to additional parking spaces near the Wasserbillig station.


  • Start date : 2019
  • Location : Wasserbillig
  • Planning: work in progress


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In the context of strengthening its P&R offer, due to a lack of parking spaces, a P&R parking lot is planned on the right side of the Wasserbillig station. The planned parking spaces will replace the existing above-ground car park, adjacent to the bus station, with a parking capacity for about 400 cars.


There are 10 places planned with charging stations for electric vehicles. To further promote soft mobility, there will also be 100 secure bicycles places available.

In addition, work is planned to adapt and rebuild the railway infrastructure. The project will cover platforms and accessibility of passenger facilities for people with reduced mobility, in particular the construction of lifts. In addition, the track plan will be redesigned. Also longer tracks are planned to enable the reception of very long freight trains.