Reception center "Para-Chute"

Advice, help, guidance: Para-Chute offers its experience to the most disadvantaged.


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Train stations are places of coexistence and sharing, they are service areas that are available to all customers and residents. At the same time, the social exclusion of very weak people staying in railway stations and their surroundings is an increasing phenomenon.

As part of its prevention projects in the field of safety, the CFL wanted to support these economically disadvantaged, socially excluded or even homeless people, victims of alcohol or drug dependence through their solidarity action


The pilot project Para-Chute was launched in early 2016 as part of a partnership between the CFL and the City of Luxembourg in two buildings next to the Luxembourg Railway Station, provided by the CFL. In 2018, the Ministry of Family and Caritas joined as partners in the Para-Chute project.

The new facility, which has hosted up to 150 people a day since 2018, it also provides help with administrative tasks (CV writing, application for housing benefits or financial support). At the same time, Para-Chute relays its customers to other help organisations and makes the necessary contacts. It helps raise awareness, respect and tolerance among the public, business people or residents, as well as customers and CFL employees.