Overhaul of TER2N-ng

Update in terms of appearance (both inside and out) as well as the technology on board.


  • Start date : 2022
  • End date : 2025


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As part of their "mi-vie" (half-life), 10 CFL 2200 series electric railcars are receiving an update in terms of appearance (both inside and out) as well as the technology on board.
The following new features ensure greater safety and comfort :

  • New seats
  • Revised interior ambience for more comfort
  • Numerous 230V sockets equipped with a USB connection
  • New automatic passenger counting system
  • Improved access to the 2nd class compartment for persons with reduced mobility, prams and bicycles
  • Modernisation of the video surveillance system
  • Modernisation of the lighting systems
  • Technical update of the driver's cab


Particular attention is paid to efficiency and sustainability :

  • New system for measuring the energy consumed
  • Energy-saving mode that is activated when the train is not running for a long time
  • LEDs in the passenger compartments
The "mi-vie" overhaul required for the first 10 TER2N-ng electric multiple units will be carried out by the "Technicentre Industriel de Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (F) de SNCF Voyageurs " and coordinated by CFL. The French company was chosen because of its wealth of experience in the "mi-vie" operation of the first generation of the TER2N type of material).

The overhaul of the first 10 TER2N-ng electric railcars is scheduled to be completed by 2025.