Awareness campaigns

Raising public awareness in order to ensure safety for all.


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The CFL run regular awareness campaigns, so that everyone can behave accordingly around tracks.
We tried everything, but when it comes to safety that’s where the fun ends!
The creative focus of the campaign contrasts a playful approach to hold the viewers' attention with a final message that is very serious. Crossing the tracks or a closed level crossing, or approaching the overhead lines, means risking your life!

The campaign targets CFL passengers, vehicle drivers and pedestrians, focusing on safe behaviour in the surroundings of the tracks. The national mixed-media campaign includes TV and cinema adverts, awareness-raising messages on social media and a dedicated landing page on safe behaviour including the campaign adverts, a FAQ and illustrations that transmit strong messages.
Kiddy Train Box 
Learning the right reflexes from a young age is very important for the CFL. The Kiddy Train Box campaign is for children ages 5 to 7, upon request from schools. A simple dialogue, a book and illustrations help children to better understand the risks around railways.
10 Steps To Rail Cool 
Through their "10 Steps to Rail Cool" campaign, the CFL, at the request of schools, addresses itself directly to students of the first year of secondary education. For these young people between the ages of 12 and 14, it is important to be aware of the rules of good behavior regarding rail infrastructure, rolling stock and CFL staff. Through workshops, films or flyers, students are made aware of the potential dangers in stations, or in the vicinity of the tracks. These include electric shocks, being hit by a train, the long braking distance or the slipstream effect (pull of a passing train if you are too close to the platform).