CFL Immo

The management and development of the domain and railway real estate of the State and of the CFL

CFL-Immo is a subsidiary company of the CFL Group created in 1997.
Its mission includes the management and development of the estate and real estate

  • within the State's rail infrastructure
  • belonging to the CFL
Implementation of a sustainable strategy.

The management is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company. It ensures the company's sustainability, the well-being and safety of the staff, the quality of work and the achievement of objectives set in the client's interest.

In agreement with the Board of Directors, the management defines the company's strategy. It sets out the company's modernisation and development objectives.

It collaborates with the CFL management in defining the broad lines of the CFL Group's real estate policy.

The management represents the CFL in all State and property matters related to railway activity and assets within the Comité d’Acquisition and the Comité du Domaine Ferroviaire of the State. The management also represents the CFL in their relations with administrations and individuals.

Two directors share the roles :
  • Mrs. Roxane Prevost is responsible of the Real estate projects management & development and the space management.
  • M Pierre Dimmer oversees the leasing management, the real estate management control, information technology, administrative management of the real estate and property database and management
Pierre Dimmer et Roxane Prévost

The management of CFL-IMMO consists of:


The Administration and Finance Division is responsible for the following activities:

  • accounting ;
  • invoicing ;
  • administrative assistance to the divisions ;
  • administration of the building database ;
  • establishment and budgetary monitoring of the buildings for which CFL-Immo is responsible ;
  • validation of invoices related to these buildings on behalf of the owner ;
  • management control ;
  • HR management ;
  • Real Estate management ;
  • training management ;
  • computer equipment management.

On behalf of the CFL and the State, the Administration and Finance Division invoices and collects the rents and royalties due under contracts and agreements relating to rail property assets.

All operations relating to the rental management of real estate assets, the allocation /extention of concessions, fall under the jurisdiction of the Administration and Finance Division.

The division's is also to plan, schedule and budget for the maintenance of buildings falling under the responsability of CFL-Immo.

In this context, the division assumes the role of Helpdesk for all requests and supervises their operational coordination. It assures that the buidings are kept in conformity with the laws and regulations in force.

Real estate sales are also part of the division's missions.

State Railway buidings:
  • 19 functional buidings with an area over 50 m2;
  • 6 passenger buidings;
  • 20.000 m2 of total surfaces.
CFL buildings:
  • 17 functional buidings with an area over 50 m2 (workshops, shops, administrations, car parks, etc...;
  • 32.000 m2 of total surfaces.





The team in the Administration and Finance Division includes:

Strategy, valuation and management of real estate assets within the CFL

The Real Estate Department manages, supervises and coordinates the missions of the Project Management Division.


The Real Estate Department ensures the direction, supervision and general coordination of the missions assigned to the Project Management division, such as:

  • the systematizing the consideration of new uses and innovation in the development of the group's real estate projects; 
  • project management, execution studies and execution of real estate projects;
  • the organization of the management of the real estate assets;
  • space management;
  • real estate promotion.

The real estate department at CFL-Immo is composed by:

Construction at its core.

The Project Management division's field of activity includes the management/supervision of execution and implementation studies :

  • of real estate construction projects;
  • of outdoor development projects;
  • major real estate maintenance projects; 
The division manages projects by monitoring deadlines, providing operational and financial management and delivering a project according to requirements and quality, in order to protect the interests of the project owner.
The division assists the Strategy and Development Division in the upstream phases of project development and consults with the Real Estate Management Division for the technical and operational aspects of the building.


Mixed use building
Complexe Les Rotondes

Administrative and residential building
Surface area: 14.000 m²
Completed in 2012
Résidence Les Rotondes
Mixed use building
Résidence Cristal

Administrative and residential building
Surface area: 14.000 m²
Completed in 2012
Résidence Cristal
Administrative building
Wecker railway station

Renovation of the station
Adapted for administrative use
Surface area: 270 m²
Completed in 2012
Wecker railway station
Administrative building
Esch/Alzette railway station

Administrative and commercial building
Surface area: 2.850 m²
Completed in 2018
Esch railway station
Commercial building 
Pavillon grand-ducal gare Luxembourg

Luxembourg Station
Adapted for commercial use
Surface area: 142 m²
Completed in 2009
Pavillon grand-ducal gare Luxembourg
Commercial building
Luxembourg railway station. Restaurant

Luxembourg railway station
Renewal of the restaurant
Surface: 450 m2
Completed in 2019

Restaurant Le Quai Steffen
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Created in 2009, Immo-Rail S.A. is a real estate promotion company.

To date, Immo-Rail has been involved in various construction projects that have been completed or are in the process of being developed.

Among these:
  • The Les Rotondes property complex in Bonnevoie, completed in 2012;
  • The Cristal property complex in Mondorf-les-Bains, completed in 2019.

Immo-Rail S.A. is managed by: