Our challenges linked to sustainable development

The pillars of sustainable development for Group CFL

For the CFL Group, the commitment to a CSR approach means taking into account their economic, social and environmental performance and making our development sustainable, viable and fair to the needs of today and tomorrow.

With regards to its corporate social responsibility, Group CFL has identified the following challenges.

The objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals

Through its activities and the continuous development of its approach to corporate responsibility, the CFL Group wishes to contribute, now and in the future, to the Sustainable Development Goals (Objectifs de développement durable - ODD) adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 2015, in particular the 12 following objectives that the Group considers relevant to its activities (learn more about this contribution).

Security and safety

The safety of our customers, as well as that of our employees, is our priority and is expressed through a culture of safety that we practice every day. One of our main objectives is to strengthen our role as an example in the field of safety. The identified CSR themes identified, in particular, the safety of infrastructures and vehicles, the safety of customers and our employees, and safety at work.


Our main goal is to offer a high quality service to our customers. This ambition requires a desire for continuous improvement on our part. The CSR themes identified include punctuality and continuity of service, the comfort of travelers and also passenger information.


Our mission as a provider of public transport services, but also as a freight service provider, covers a wide range of different topics, which go beyond pure rail transport. So it is also our wish to ensure a range of individual and diverse mobility, meeting the requirements of our modern society. The CSR themes identified include, the offer of intermodal mobility and access to mobility for all.


Our people are our greatest asset to face the challenges of tomorrow. Dialogue and the consideration of their well-being and the development of the know-how of our employees, allow us to ensure the long-term performance of the Group. The CSR themes identified include, employment, employability and vocational training, as well as diversity and equal opportunities.


As the backbone of the public transport network of the Grand Duchy, we support the active population of Luxembourg and the border communities on a daily basis. In addition, we are the second largest employer in the Grand Duchy and a protagonist in the modernisation and expansion of public transport in our country. The intermodal terminal and our rail freight and logistics activities connect the Luxembourg economy with the rest of Europe and beyond. The CSR themes identified include, the economic value created and distributed, the indirect economic impact, and purchasing practices.


By offering alternatives to motorised personal transport, we contribute to the protection of the environment, thanks to 0% of CO2 emissions. The electricity used to power our trains comes from 100 % renewable resources. In addition, we invest considerable effort in monitoring the consumption of materials in our activities. The CSR themes identified include energy consumption, within and outside the organisation, the consumption of materials (ie paper) or the reduction of negative externalities (eg CO2 emissions).


The impact of the CFL Group's activities in the social field is multi-faceted and plays an important role in the company's social responsibility. Our Group wants to make its activities and their impact known to the general public by addressing different target groups (link: stakeholders). In addition, our commitment also touches on different forms of inclusion and culture. The CSR themes identified include : respect for suppliers' human rights, dialogue with communities and stakeholders, and respect for personal data.