Our approach to CSR

Our approach : based on dialogue and key performance indicators

For the CFL, identifying, prioritising and assessing the impact of its sustainable development activities means focusing on dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders in order to achieve continuous progress and meet the scope of the CSR principles. Our CSR approach is a fully integrated part of our strategy (read more about our strategy here) and of our values (find more information about our values here) that we commonly share in our daily working life.. 

Our stakeholders

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is part of the CFL Group's strategy, is driven by dialogue with our various stakeholders. In addition to our responsibility to our customers, which we have placed at the center of our strategy, there are also other stakeholders we are responsible to, our employees in the first place. This dialogue allows us to take into account the impact of our activities on our stakeholders and to try to meet the economic, social and environmental expectations of these stakeholders. It also allows to guide our business decisions and implement winning solutions in the short and medium term, on different identified CSR issues. Finally, this dialogue enables the CFL Group to fuel its long-term strategic thinking and plan accordingly for the future..

Find more information about our stakeholders in our annual report (2022).

Materiality matrix

With regards to sustainable development, the CFL Group is committed to the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In 2017, the CFL analysed, internally, the relevance of more than 42 CSR topics, in order to prioritise different economic, social and environmental impacts for the Group. In 2018, the Group's CSR challenges were validated by stakeholders through a survey, the results contribute to half of the evaluation of relevance of the CSR issues. Important challenges exist in the areas of quality, mobility, security and safety, employees of the economy, social and environment.

Find more information the materialty matrix inside our annual report (2022).

Our efforts with regards to certification

In the interest of continuous improvement, the CFL want to obtain labels and certifications in the areas of quality, safety or the environment, which guarantee an organisation and as well as processes to meet and adapt to these different challenges.

Find more information about our certifications and labels here.