CFL mobile

Traveling at your fingertips with CFL mobile.


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With the rapid expansion of digital tools and the increased use of smartphones by their customers, the CFL developed CFL Mobile. Since its creation, the application, available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing expectations of Luxembourg's public transport users. While previous versions have made it possible to integrate bus traffic data, launch push notifications, or make data available in real time, today's downloadable application allows the purchase of a national or cross-border ticket. Thanks to the "favorites" feature, the CFL Mobile user can quickly accesses their favorite addresses. The integrated door-to-door planning in this intuitive, easy-to-use application makes it possible to instantly enter a point of interest in the timetable search. The search results can be shared and the trip details can be saved in the user's smartphone calendar.


The key features of the CFL mobile application are:

  • Trip planning,

  • In-app purchase of national and cross-border tickets,

  • Customisable push notifications,

  • Creating favorite destinations,

  • Quick information sharing from the application,

  • Integration of schedules in real time,

  • Display of international bus schedules.