Our pillars

The strategy is built around 5 pillars, closely interlinked such as the wheels of a gear: safety, quality and innovation as well as know-how and performance. Among these five pillars, innovation and know-how are essential to increase the company's performance as it grows with the integration of pioneering solutions - as is safety, which is fundamental to all of the Group's activities. It increases proportionally to the level of efficiency of the innovative technologies introduced. Faced with the rapid evolution of digitalisation, which affects all areas of the company's day-to-day business, the right use of these cutting-edge tools becomes possible thanks to the know-how of the Group's employees. They are the key to the success of the strategy and contribute, thanks to their daily motivation and dedication, to the successful completion of CFL Group projects.

Therefore, the synergy of all these levers combined allows the Group to sustain the quality of its services and thus guarantee and increase customer satisfaction.

Safety - top priority and common denominator of all our activities 

The safety of our customers and employees is at the heart of our business. The culture of safety, which we live on a daily basis, is therefore reflected in the entirety of our actions. Our ambitious safety requirements apply to both rolling stock and our infrastructure and processes within our company. The development of its exemplary role in the safety sector is declared within objectives of the CFL Group.


The requirements of our customers - the driving force of our respective activities 

Our customers deserve the highest quality service. It is in this spirit that the Group constantly strives to improve the services it provides, and this in all of the CFL Group's activities. In terms of passenger activity, this translates into a continuous improvement of punctuality and information addressed to our customers. With respect to the freight business, tailor-made solutions meeting the highest quality expectations are standard. The CFL Group is committed to a customer-oriented mobility offering with a positive ecological balance sheet.


The skills of our employees are our capital for the future 

Innovative technologies mean well-trained users. The competence of our employees is our capital on which we build the future of our Group. The intergenerational transfer of knowledge and the consistent further training of our employees are the sustainable keys to the success of our company and the satisfaction of our customers.


Technical innovations and interdisciplinary cooperation 

Technological progress and digitalisation are part of the ongoing innovation efforts that make our Group a competitive and viable company. It is our goal to introduce, as a first mover and at the right moment, the right innovations.

The CFL are no longer at the beginning of their path to an innovative future - a range of projects have already been carried out in the past, while many new projects are still to come. Over the past ten years or so, the Group has been actively seeking to integrate solutions that provide innovative added value potential. As innovation is one of the pillars of the CFL Group's corporate strategy, it plays a decisive role in the development of all its entities.

Innovations introduced in recent years

Here is a selection of our innovation-projects that have been introduced in the recent past: 
Mobile CFL apps  (CFL mobile & CFL international)
Flex Carsharing

You can find more information in our integrated report.
(page 72 of the Integrated Report 2019)

Ongoing initiatives 
You can read more about information in our Integrated Report.
(Page 74 of the Integrated Report 2019)

High quality services through the efficient use of our resources

The performance and efficiency of our group is directly related to customer satisfaction. For the CFL Group, consolidation and performance are key strategic priorities. The definition and ambitious pursuit of clear goals is thus an integral part of the corporate culture of CFL and contributes to the sustainability of the company's development. 


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