Multimodal exchange hub and P&R in Ettelbruck

An adaptation and better connection of the Nordstad in light of the growing needs of our customers.


  • Start date : 2018
  • End date : 2030
  • Location : Ettelbruck


  • 88_Projet-Reseau-gare

The multimodal exchange hub of the Ettelbruck station aims to prepare one of the busiest stations of Luxembourg, to the needs of  the future, which are directly related to the development of the Nordstad.


The CFL project is composed of 4 modules:

  • compliance of the station,

  • renewal of railway superstructures,

  • construction of a P&R car park,

  • reconstruction of the passenger building and its direct surroundings.

The implementation provides for the construction of an additional platform and a suitable track plan. This makes it possible to optimise the robustness of the schedule and the flexibility in case of disruptions. The new facilities will all comply with the technical specification for interoperability for people with reduced mobility. The future platforms will now be served by two subterranean tunnels, a 6 meter wide underground tunnel at the passenger level and a second 3 meter wide subway in addition to the future P&R. The P&R is a key element in the coordinated planning between the needs of a modern railway station and urban planning at the entrance to the city, respectively from the square of the station. With a capacity of some 430 parking spaces, including 20 expanded spaces for people with reduced mobility and 20 recharging points for electric vehicles, it will offer users easy access to the exchange hub and be close to buses and trains.

The station project is expected to be completed in 2023.
The P&R is expected to be completed in 2027.