A centralised collection of information for the CFL and their customers.


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To gain speed and efficiency in the face of the large flow of passenger and freight trains across the entire network, the CFL wanted to centralise the information needed to manage their rolling stock and to operate it on the network.

ARAMIS, commissioned in 2015 and covering 76 stations and stops throughout the national network, has since enabled the CFL to instantly view and adapt, from a single platform, all its rolling stock operating on the national and cross-border networks.


In real time, ARAMIS collects information about trains, their position, departure and arrival times, route and even the position of signals on all stops and stations currently in service on the CFL network.

The ARAMIS user staff compares the theoretical data of the official schedule with the data transmitted in real time by ARAMIS regarding the current situation on the network. The interpretation of these data minimizes the impact of any conflicts, delays or disruptions on daily traffic.

Decisions made are passed on to CFL field staff (rail traffic controllers, train attendants, train drivers, supervisors, etc.), to help regulate the traffic that may be affected. At the same time, Aramis automatically communicates to passenger information systems, such as the CFL mobile app or the website.

Customers, whether on the platform or in a train, are informed of any real-time traffic changes for a specific train, or for an entire line.

The data contained in ARAMIS is transmitted via the AURIS interface. Whether a delay, a train cancellation or a platform change: any adjustment on the Luxembourg rail network is automatically announced via information broadcasts or announcements managed by AURIS.